Nearshoring: why Mexico and how to do it

Nearshoring: why Mexico and how to do it

About 80% of Mexico's industrial production goes to our neighbor country in the north. Nearshoring means to bring production closer to the point of consumption, and the largest consumption point is the United States of America, who shares a 3,152 km border with us.


Nearshoring has become an increasingly popular strategy for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses, and Mexico, with its privileged geographic location and highly-trained workforce, has positioned itself as an ideal destination.


There is no doubt that “nearshoring” concept is still unknown. 2 years ago it began to grow, however, by January 2023, between 75 and 100 companies have implemented or expanded operations in our country between Canadian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies.


If you are a foreign company or person and this topic begins to sound attractive to you,  or it has been ringing in your head for months but you don't know how to take action. 


If you are worried about the procedures, bureaucracy and paperwork involved in bringing your company or business to Mexico,  Keep reading because in this article we will share an excellent option.


Since 2016, Administra Tu Negocio has been the best option to do business in Mexico safely, quickly and without government paperwork, offering foreign companies to start operations as a Mexican company in just 48 hours.


Due to its nature as an integrative company, "Administra tu Negocio" has the capacity to legally represent foreigners, whether individuals or companies, in the national territory without the need to establish themselves in Mexico or require a tax identification number (RFC). These actions hold high value for foreign trade operations.



Another benefit offered by this company is the convenience and security of carrying out tasks and operations all day, every day, from anywhere in the world, thanks to its digital platform designed specifically for the exclusive use of its integrated partners.

If you're still undecided or have any doubts, you can contact us without any commitment today. They also provide free consultations on administration, treasury, legal frameworks, taxation, export, as well as fiscal and accounting matters.


This is how Nearshoring forecasts significant growth for foreign investors as well as for Mexicans. Investing in our country is undoubtedly an opportunity that enhances the supply chain, thereby improving the quality of suppliers, quality of life, job and currency generation, social and economic development, knowledge transfer, and technologies.

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